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"How to Live a Better Life" contains 12 "How to" chapters, on living a better and more fulfilled life.

Each chapter in this book also contains links to other helpful articles . A bonus chapter is included at the end of the book.

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    Praise God for your stand and believing that the whole Bible is the word of God and that our convictions should stand concerning the righteousness of God from Genesis to Revelation.

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    What is it all about?

    How To Know God's Perfect Will For Your Life

    How To Stand Firm on Godly Principles

    How To Experience Complete Joy In The Lord

    How To Cleanse The Mud Of Sin From Your Life

    How To Enter Into The Presence Of The Almighty

    How To Turn Depression into Delight

    How To Supplement Your Faith In God

    How To Continually Rely On The Grace Of God

    How To Let The Holy Spirit Lead Your Life

    How To Follow God's Battle Plan For Your Life?

    How To Be Free From The Slavery Of Sin

    How To Experience Victory, Healing And Life

    Bonus Chapter

    How To Reach Lost People For The Kingdom Of God