Psalms of Thanks to the Lord

One of the best sacrifices you can offer to God is your THANKS!

• Psalm 138:1 A Lifetime Of Thanks And Heart Full Of Praise

• Psalm 8:10 God Delights In A Heart That's True And Right

• Psalm 32:11 What Is The Cause Of Our Great Joy

• Psalm 95:2 Come To The Lord With Thanksgiving In Your Heart

• Psalm 47:1 With Joyful Praise Offer New Shouts To The Lord

• Psalm 47:1 Make A Simple Sacrifice of Thanks to The Lord

• Psalm 68:3 How To Continually Rejoice And Be Glad In The Lord

• Psalm 136:26 His Faithful Love Endures Forever

• Psalm 145:10 Every Thing Gives Him Thanks, Great Is The Lord

• Psalm 138:1 Give God Thanks With All Of Your Heart

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I give you thanks, O Lord, with all my heart; Psalm 138:1

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